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We were heavenly conceived,
We were gods on earth,
Fruit of the Divine.
Kings and queens from birth,

But we’ve been hated for our color,
And hunted for our land,
Enslaved by the depraved,
And declared three fifths man,

We’ve been warehoused in ghettos,
Imprisoned in striped shirts,
Subjected to immeasurable ignorance,
Just because we were first,

There was only one people, one world,
When the Creator was finished,
It was much later that the malignant mutation appeared,
Determined to reverse the image,

The ancient conscious screamed, as the mutant schemed,
But the oracle had seen, that the twisted plan was blemished,

The wicked fiend, despised the kings and queens,
Because only they possessed the Holy Grail of humanity,
The melanin gene,

Fighting the inevitable only made the cancer worse,
Holocausts, genocide, and identity theft was waged against them,
Just because they were first,

Like terminators, unleashed on defenseless survivors,
Hunter-killers transforming the chosen into a race of Macgyvers,
War being waged on a variety of fronts,
Welfare, mis-education, crack, and blunts,
Gestapo tactics with profiling stunts,
Matrix ghost females and vampire punks,
Low-income housing built over toxic dumps,
New World order, based on apocalyptic dreams,
Mad scientists trying desperately to unlock the secret of the dominant gene,

Paranoid leaders denying the ozone curse,
While devising biological weapons to use against the originals,
Just because they were first,

But out of the ashes, the phoenix rises,
The message is ancient, but now the crowd realizes,
Forsaken be not, the original seed,
Vengeance is mine, all you have to do is believe,

Long ago, conscious was granted to a few handfuls of dirt,
Fruitful and obedient consciousness spread across the earth,
Coveted for their beauty, the true people were hurt,

But remember, all of this began,
With the Will and the Plan,
The Benevolence of the Almighty was manifested,
In the image of the first man,

So despite what you’ve heard,
Salvation need not be rehearsed,
Judgment is in our favor,
Just because we were first.
One Life. One Love. One World.