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Chocolate Princess

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Atlanta, GA

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The Panty Girl AKA Punkinfoot is an artist of CX1DJs/ E&E Entertainment / BR Records and is an exotic model for E&E Entertainment. She got into the game writing rap and R&B and doing her music. She released a new album called "Chocolate Princess" that has already sold over 50,000 copies She has performed in a number of clubs and shows throughout the east coast and she has been doing adult modeling, acting and singing for about 10 years. She is currently about to go on her Exotic Mixtape Tour. The Panty Girl AKA Punkinfoot has opened for major artists like Juvenile, Lil Busey, Lil Scrappy, Young Jock, Gucci Man, Waka Flocka, performed at FleetDJs & NerveDJs music conferences, CX1DJs tour and has done a number of Mixed Tape DJ Covers, print work, Ground Zero Mag, five issues of The Carolina Promoter Mag and the list goes on. She is available for photo shoots, DVD's, exotic shoots, mixed tape covers, magazines, exotic modeling, music videos and performances.

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