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Natalia Damini
Fortaleza, Brazil

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(951) 665-8365

Natalia is now one of Brazil's biggest pop stars and is headed toward international Superstardom. She currently has one of the most popular international club records playing around the globe called "Kiss It", which is a dancing smash hit. In addition to having a hit single, the latest EP release "Bad Girl" debuted at #32 on the Itunes Pop Music Chart. Natalia is making a buzz and receiving wide fan support from all over the world. Natalia had over 80 show appearances in 2013. She continues to meet the demand for more shows and will also Tour in Mexico February 2014. The album BEAUTIFUL dropped 1/10/2014 and debuted #16 on ITUNES with features from Nicki Minaj, Shop Boyz Gucci Mane

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