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M.P. Soul was born and raised in Ruston, LA. He developed a love for music and joined the church choir at an early age. As he got older, he frequented local "card shacks", where they gambled and played the blues all night. While other kids watched TV in other rooms, M.P. Soul listened to the music all night long. He recorded his first song, Call Somebody, and started doing cover hits, while opening for the late Reggie P., T.K. Soul, Jeff Floyd and Ghetto Cowboy. He was determined to not stop there. The Legendary Carl Marshall invited him to his studio to record a song…and the rest is history. M.P. Soul's new CD, produced by TaShakka "Thrilla Stilla" Stills, Don't Enter Unless You're Ready to P.A.R.T.Y is scheduled to be released on March 15, 2014. This Super Southern Soul CD, with a touch of R&B storytelling, will surely capture your ear.

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