Facts & FAQ's

What is TopCatLive?
Topcatlive is an entertainment registry. It is a directory of samples and contact information for professional entertainment artists of all genres, businesses that serve and support the entertainment field and the businesses, organizations and/or individuals that present the artist's end product or service.


How Do I Get A Listing At TopCatLive?
Groups or individuals interested in being listed at TopCatLive must be either referred by reputable source, solicited by TopCat, fee based, or all of above.  Submission guidelines are available upon request.


How Do I Find Artist I Am Looking For?
Use the Search Box in the upper right corner.  Type in name of artist (typing in city is optional, if known).  Click the TCLIVE button and use the results to locate your artist.  The Category link in the main menu is just as fast, but if you are unsure of the category of an artist, the Search Box is suggested.


How Can I Keep In Touch With News At TopCatLive?
Subscribe to The TopCatLive News (email newsletter).  We do ask that all subscribed members check their preferences to enable us to tailor messages to their interests.  It's a simple but valuable process of identifying region (State). See the update preference link in bottom of each newsletter.  If you have content, news, or are interesting in advertising within the newsletter, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bio Facts
Take your bio seriously! Do not use all caps. Do not use slang or text shortcuts. Use spell check before submitting your bio to TopCatLive (or publishing it on the internet anywhere). TopCatLive has affordable editors within the network. You can have your bio written for a small fee. You can have your bio edited and polished up for an even smaller fee.

Be sure to include membership in entertainment organizations in your bio (like ASCAP, BMI, SAG, SoundExchange, etc.). If you list your mixtape tell us how it did.


Visual Facts
TopCatLive is a media rich environment. Good photos, graphics and videos can make a huge difference. Do the best you can within your budget. TopCatLive has photographers, graphic designers and videographers listed. They are available and committed to work within your budget if you are within this network. Please… Do not submit low resolution, camera phone pictures to TopCatLive. Please… Do not submit images and graphics that have been previously enlarged or over brightened due to poor shooting conditions.

Be professional. Use professionals whenever possible. And keep your photos, graphics and videos updated (we recommend updating your presentation at least once within every 6 months)


Contact Facts
Stay current. Stay updated. Be complete. TopCatLive is not a social network. If a promoter, record label distribution company, modeling agency, publisher, management agency or any talent seeking professional becomes interested in you at TopCatLive, and considers making that once in a lifetime call or email that could change your life, make sure your number is correct. Make sure you email is correct. If you have your social network links on TopCatLive, make sure that they are correct (and make sure your presentation is professional on those networks).

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